Ready to Win Press Release

Women and Pastor’s Wives Cups Overflow with Encouragement

During Thelma Wells’ New Ready To Win Conference 

GARLAND, TX, - Like a silver-haired sports announcer in heels and exposing a mother’s heart, Thelma Wells, formerly of Women of Faith, spewed words of encouragement and affirmation in rapid-fire succession over hundreds of women attending her newly launched conference, appropriately named Ready To Win. It was held May 22 and 23 at the Special Events Center in Garland, Texas. World Vision and KVTT 91.7, a local Christian radio station, signed on as sponsors. 

Based on Wells’ new book with Harvest House Publishers Don’t Give In—God Wants You To Win, the conference placed a refreshing, feminine spin on the whole armor of God from Ephesians 6, instructing women on how to fight God’s way during tough times. “Fix your hair, pad your heart, tighten your girdle, and put on your stomping shoes!” became a common refrain trumpeted from the stage by Wells, appearing larger than life on two overhead screens.  

During the event, the Dallas-based matriarch of Christian faith and perseverance—also affectionately known as “Mama T” and for her bumble bee accessories that have become her trademark for staying positive—and her posse of eight life coaches delivered on making participants laugh, worship, and celebrate God’s design for women with special recognition to pastors wives.  

They also offered biblical perspectives on issues like family, health, beauty, and finances, and identified the dangers of one silent killer. “When you harbor lack of forgiveness in your heart, your mind and soul are contaminated,” Wells said, sharing her own personal struggles with anxiety disorders and other illness she later learned were bi-products of holding grudges.  “I don’t know how many of you need to forgive somebody—you will be a sick puppy!” she warned. 

Christian artist Tammy Trent, a surprise music guest, shared powerful testimony of God’s faithfulness during her grief over the death of her husband to a fatal scuba diving accident on 9-11. Participants laughed and cried along as Trent accented her often humorous talk with selections from her new album, titled “Stronger.” 

Popular singer Anthony Evans gave a concert that concluded with a special tribute to his mother Lois Evans, recognized by Wells and the Global Pastor’s Wives Network as an outstanding leader and role model. Husband and Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship Senior Pastor Tony Evans, and his mother-in-law, looked on from the audience, as Lois Evans declared her own mother her hero.  

Ready To Win’s emcee and experts sharing the podium with Wells included Sonja Samuel, Marcia Ramsland, Gail Hayes, Ellie Kay, Michael & Heidi O'Brien, Penny Crosson, Danna Demetre, Allison Bottke and Joanna Faillace. 

One participant named Dorothy praised the Ready To Win conference in a follow-up note:  “I was so very impressed with the smooth operations behind the scenes that made the conference so professional and friendly. BUT...I was most of all thankful for the anointed speakers, the transparency of the testimonies, and the timeliness of the topics. Thank you very much for all that you did to enhance our spiritual walk, provide information about how to “dress,” challenge us to fight our enemy using our spiritual weapons, and finally be ready to WIN.” 

For information on Thelma Wells, A Woman of God Ministries, and how to bring Ready To Win to your community, please visit www.ThelmaWells.com, or email readytowin@thelmawells.com.


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